Wonder what Mommy will think?

snapshot_220So, I went out today, and I found LOTS of pretties!


I found lots of flowers, and I putted them all in some nice cans for my Mommy.  I think she will like them!


I founded a kewl new pet, also…it followed me home!  Wonder if Mommy will let me keep it?


Hows does you tell if it’s a boy or a girl?


So…I will love it, and keep it, and call it George.  or Georgette.  BTW, how do you put a leash on a snake?  I wanna take it for walks! Will it eat all my aspregus and bussellypouts?  It better not tells any of my secrets!

GachaGarden: November 2018

Lagom – Pink Kitchen

01. Lagom – Pink Kitchen [Counter A]
02. Lagom – Pink Kitchen [Counter B]
03. Lagom – Pink Kitchen [Counter C]
04. Lagom – Pink Kitchen [Counter D]
05. Lagom – Pink Kitchen [Counter E]
06. Lagom – Pink Kitchen [Cabinet A]
07. Lagom – Pink Kitchen [Cabinet B]
09. Lagom – Pink Kitchen [Corner Counter]
10. Lagom – Pink Kitchen [Corner Cabinet]
11. Lagom – Pink Kitchen [Fridge]
12. Lagom – Pink Kitchen [Sink]
13. Lagom – Pink Kitchen [Island]
14. Lagom – Pink Kitchen [Stove] RARE
15. Lagom – Pink Kitchen [Microwave] RARE

Rassuel-Urban Loft

Rassuel-Urban Loft -House SOI

The Half Moon Market – Baby Ball Pythons

The Half Moon Market – Baby Ball Pythons – Super Cinnamon Comp.

*AF* Guest House

*AF* Guest House SOI – Hanging Peppers
*AF* Guest House 07 – Rug 1

*HEXtraordinary* Faerie Maidens

*HEXtraordinary* Captured Faerie Maiden – Amethyst

[P] Pillows, My Hero

[P] Pillows, My Hero: Bravery
[P] Pillows, My Hero: Live

NYU – Egyptian Mini-Statues

NYU – Egyptian Mini-Statues, Cat-White
NYU – Egyptian Mini-Statues, Cat-Black

~The Green Door~ Pink Desk Set

~The Green Door~ Coffee Mug – Pink Cute – Desk

[V/W] Tube Style

[V/W] Pipes Shelf 1

Other Items:

ChiMia – Red Metallic Pumpkin
ChiMia – Gold Metallic Pumpkin
{vespertine} – little plants 19
dust bunny . unicorn planter
Llama Inc – MugPlants – Mom’s Little Seed
ARIA – Sunday Morning Tiny Cactus Pair
Kalopsia – Flora’s Can Flowers – 1
Kalopsia – Flora’s Can Flowers – 2
Kalopsia – Bibi’s Can Plant – Green/Orange
Kalopsia – Bibi’s Can Plant – Blue/Pink
{vespertine} – prepared 4 baking 12
8. AF Stepladder
[Merak] – BarStool Pattern3


Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Yuno hair(resize)
Body: Bebe Body Fitted V 2.3.1
Head: *TD* Bento Mesh Head #Alice – Head (v.1.0.9)
Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) Omega Skin Applier – Peach Tone – Rini
Outfit: ~TH~ Winter Dreams BebeFit – Brown
((Tilted Halo’s Children’s Creations))


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