Why So Salty?

Why So Salty

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 I have to say that this seriously cracks me up. There is always soooo much drama on Facebook over various things. But, one of the most prevalent that I see is over Sl Secrets.

Now, if you do not know the site just think of it as the SL Enquirer . I am pretty sure 99.9% of the stuff you read there is done by people who are like my little salt shaker, salty af over one thing or another!  I dunno maybe someone kicked their sl puppy or something!

That is one of the reasons this just cracked me up! I am usually scrolling through thinking can’t we all just get along and wondering why people are always so well… salty!!!! Anyways, before I get myself in trouble let us get on to the details!

Hair-TRUTH – Jacica

Head-Genus Project– Strong Face

Eyes-[GA.EG]– Ultimate Eyes- I am using the Indian Spirit Pack B Eyes.

The HUD for these eyes are pretty awesome as it lets you fine tune the position and the size of your eyes easily.  And, it is big enough I can actually see what I am doing without a magnifying glass! Additionally, there are many packs for sale of different textures for the eyes and they are all very nicely done.One more note these are also omega compatible! If you would like to try the demo for the HUD you can do so at the main store location!

Skin- DS’ELLES– Susan-Genus- I am wearing the Nuit skin tone w/ brows. There is a browless version included. This is a Genus only applier and I wanted to take a moment to say these skins are quickly becoming a favorite of mine for the Genus heads. I have blogged a few on the different heads and I love how they look. There are several different skin tones available for purchase- It can be found @ Dubai event


Face Animations- SEmotion -Funny Faces  HUD Gacha (for Genus Project Mesh Bento Heads) I am using #14, this HUD is a 20 pulls exclusive gift. You can find these @ Gacha Garden brought to you by Gimmie Gacha Productions

Necklace & Bracelets-.::Supernatural::.– Amanda Gacha Set- I am using Amanda Necklace 1&2 as well as Amanda Bracelet Silver 1

Arm Bands-Elle Boutique – Nissa Armlets- Available @ Enchantment

Rings-Elle Boutique – Mother of Dragons Bento Rings- Mesh body compatible versions included with purchase- Available @ Enchantment

Shirt& Jacket Combo- Petite Mort– Record Store Day Gacha- I am using the Black RSD Vest & Tee from this set. You can find the gacha @ Gacha Garden brought to you by Gimmie Gacha Productions

Salt Accessory- Junk Food – Salty AF Salt Cannister- This is an animated bento prop. You hold the canister as you sprinkle salt from your other hand.. As I said this one cracked me up! 

More images can be seen on my blog!

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  • Sigmablues

    This picture sure has a lot of attitude in it, but in a very good way. 😀 The tongue, the pose, the way the outfit is worn and even the Salty AF canister makes it all so awesome lol

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