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Via Bits & Pieces of SL

My mind is on a lot things and then on nothing at all.  I know I’ve been very quiet lately and I really have a good reason. I just rather not bore you now, but no worries I will later.

Showcasing Ionic at The Chapter Four and a gacha by Velvet Whip at The Gacha Guardians.


*Stories From The City Gacha by Ionic @ The Chapter Four
ionic : Stories from Home RARE
ionic : Let’s make Pasta!
ionic : Groceries , apples and water
ionic : Dish drainer
ionic : Celing lamp
ionic : Marble & Wood Kitchen
ionic : Color Fridge & Magnets
ionic : Entrance Table
ionic : Stories From the Mountain (Frames)

*Dinner’s Set Gacha by [Velvet Whip] @ The Gacha Guardians
[V/W] Dinner Set Red – Complete *C*
[V/W] Satay Brochettes
[V/W] Chef Burger I
[V/W] Wine & Water Glasses
[V/W] Butter Plate
[V/W] Polenta with sauce
[V/W] 3 Appetizers

From Stay With Me Gacha by Ionic
ionic : Stay with me (frames)
ionic : Dining table & chairs
ionic : Cereals & cooking stuff (shelf)

From Spirit Gacha by Ionic
ionic : Interior plant
ionic : Clover little plant

Ionic : Hanging casseroles {North Life Gacha}

From Where? Gacha by Ionic
ionic – where is my plant?
ionic – where is my mind? sign
ionic – where is my phone?
ionic – where are my dishes?

Basset Hound Sitting by Just Animals


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  1. Josie Enchanted

    Yesss, blue fridge! Is that sign a reference to Where is My Mind by The Pixies? Love that song. I need that sign now.

  2. James20 Easterwood

    This feels like a retro 60’s kitchen with some of its furnishings and decoration,The fridge reminds me of the classic double that was around at that time,esp with the duck egg blue colouring and with the phone also in amber orange,takes me back to seeing pictures of family who had those colours in there home.Yet you also added a modern twist to this kitchen by adding little things to bring it up to date and more contemporary look.

  3. Wrinkly Resident

    I just realized I have this fridge in the pic! it is nice I suppose I should unpack it. But really loving those spice jars, adds a home feel.

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