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When It Is That Darn Hot

When It Is That Darn Hot!

Recently it has been around 100 degrees where I live.  So, as I am going through my decor I found my dogs with the fan. All I kept thinking is this is me sitting in front of my fan trying to keep cool and failing! So of course it got added to the image!

A new round of Gachaland has started and as always there are some awesome creations to get your grubby little hands on. Be sure to swing by and test your luck!


Granola.- Odeletta Lemon Bowl. Burlap.

Granola.- Odeletta Radio Cabinet. Green.


[IK]- Desert Plants – Hanging Ivy

[IK]- Desert Plants – Saguaro

Dreamland Designs 

From the Meriadne Oriental Daybed Gacha Set available @ Gachaland by Gimmie Gacha Productions

DD- Meriadne Morrocan Lamp GOI

9.DD- Meriadne Indian Wall Rug

15.DD- Meriadne Golden Candle M

16.DD- Meriadne Golden Candle  S

4.DD- Snakeplant Giraffe

17.DD- Meriadne Lamp

12.DD- Palm Basket

11.DD- Palm Basket

8..DD- Indian Art Frame

13.DD- Indian Art Frame

14.DD- Old Antique Desk

2.DD- Green Asperagus Plate Rare

1.DD- Meriadne Lovers Chaise-Adult Ultra Rare

5.DD -Meriadne Metal Table

3.DD- Meriadne Blanket Ladder RARE

*Dench Designs* – Partney Ottoman

JIAN– dorable Danes 1. Breez-e Jowls RARE

[Kres]– Pet Feed Station  – Available @ MadPea Pet Friends Fair






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  • Sigmablues

    Earthy tones really do make a room feel more roomy. A little more comfy. 🙂 Is that dog sitting on the other one???? 0___o

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