What’s for dinner?

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Well, breakfast first, the pans will remain close till the evening. It’s a surprise!

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Comments 8

  1. Sigmablues

    i like and dislike kitchen pictures. i like em because kitchen is my favorite spot to be, but i dislike them because they always seem to find a way to make me hungry. lmfao. I like this picture a lot, in all honesty 😀

  2. PinkCoo Resident

    I love how you decorated the place though the ambiance is super soft and bright. I wish it would be more balanced between the softness and hard that way there will be an ambiance going on in the photo. But nevertheless it is pretty! Great job ^^

  3. adalori resident

    This is so well put together. Like a lazy Sunday afternoon and your mom/grandma has just put the food on the table.

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