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I am a bit excited, I am not afraid to admit it.!! My favorite time of year has always been Halloween! All the costumes, the creativity and of course candy! But in Second Life it is a bit different, people are able to be more creative and anything they can imagine they can achieve.  With that being said, it has all started, I am seeing a slow trickle of spooky and amazing objects. It is our lucky day as we can run down to Gimmie Gacha Production’s Gachaland and go buck wild!! OK, time for me to stop talking, time for details!


From the  Haunted House gacha available @ Gachaland

[Since1975] Hounted House RARE

[Since1975] Hounted House Fences & Ivy

[Since1975] Hounted House Pumpkin Decor

[Since1975] Hounted House – Skeleton

[Since1975] Hounted House- HH Cauldron


From the Autumn Garden gacha available @ Gachaland

Sway’s [Autumn Garden] stepping stone . Pumpkin RARE

Sway’s [Autumn Garden] stepping stone . Web

Sway’s [Autumn Garden] stepping stone . Ghost A

Sway’s [Autumn Garden] stepping stone . Spider

Sway’s [Autumn Garden] stepping stone . Bat

From Sway’s [6 ft under] gacha set

Sway’s [6 ft under] Gravestone . I. Emma Spook

Sway’s [6 ft under] Gravestone . For Rent

Sway’s [6 ft under] Gravestone . Barry M. Deep

Sway’s [6 ft under] Gravestone . Bea A. Fraid

Sway’s [6 ft under] Gravestone . You’re next

Sway’s [6 ft under] Pile of dirt with hand RARE

Little Branch

Little Branch- Olive Tree Shrub {Animated} w/Seasons- Available @ Look Event

Little Branch- Grafitti Banyan Tree {Animated}* w/4Seasons- Available @ Uber

Little Branch- Buffalo grass

Little Branch- Snakeweed {Animated} – *Summer-A

Little Branch- Oak Grass- Fall*/Summer

brocante.-  hearse gacha / teal


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