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We Want Some!

We Want Some!

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Hair- Magika– Thea

Sweater- Entice – Santa Baby Sweater- Mesh body friendly sizes, there are 8 texture options available for purchase. However, if you buy the fatpack you get 2 extra texture options. And trust me they are all as cute as a button! [email protected] Trunk Show

Socks- RedFish – Winter socks – Mesh body friendly sizes- different texture options available for purchase- Can be found @ Vanity

Body- Slink– Hourglass

Pose- BellePoses– From the Jaqueline series of poses available @ Winter Spirit– I am using pose # 4m- These are a series of 5 poses and their mirrors and they come with a mug prop. I am using a different mug that what comes with this pose series.


Junk Food

These are available @ Man Cave

Junk Food – Noise Headphones Box (White) – Quiet Comfort Headphones comes with wearable headphones, a 2 li display box with the headphones inside, 1 li Headphones to rez, and a 1 Li present box to put the headphones in for a gift

Junk Food – VR Set Ripped Present – Transferable version of the VR headsets boxes. There are open or wrapped with the handsets rezzed on top


Mutresse-Begging-Shortie Cats

Mutresse-Beggar-Dalmatian Puppies

{Why Not?}

From the Berriedale Cozy Christmas gacha set- Available @ Imaginarium– Brought to you by Gimmie Gacha Productions

27.{Why Not?}- Berriedale Books & Angel

8.{Why Not?}- Berriedale Cozy Christmas Sideboard

8.{Why Not?} Berriedale Cozy Christmas Sideboard

21.{Why Not?}- Berriedale Tree Gifts

12.{Why Not?}- Berriedale Cozy Christmas Wall candles 1&2

16.{Why Not?}- Berriedale Christmas stockings & Garland

11.{Why Not?}- Berriedale Cozy Christmas Blocks 1&2

20.{Why Not?}- Berriedale Toy Box

30.{Why Not?}- Berriedale Wall Art

4.{Why Not?}- Berriedale Cozy Christmas Coffee table

7{Why Not?}- Berriedale Texture Change Rug

14.{Why Not?}- Berriedale Wooden trees

19.{Why Not?}- Berriedale Hanging Cards

9.{Why Not?}- Berriedale Cozy Christmas Christmas Tree RARE

17.{Why Not?- Berriedale Log Basket

<Aphrodite>– Christmas Cookies – Board – Gives adorable cookies and drinks via on touch menu

ChiMia:: – Marais -Apartment (Clean Oak Version)


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