Virtual World Tripping….


Wow…the more you travel…


The weirder these worlds become.

GachaGarden: November 2018

comet. – Lil hallows gathering
comet. + pink bean +
comet. + mushoo + {purple}
comet. + hamfloof + {pink}
comet. + colorblock bears + {berries}
comet. + corgi happi +pinkyellow RARE

:BoWillow: Cami Kittaroon
:BoWillow: Cami Kittaroons – Rainbow
:BoWillow: Nerdy Cami Kittaroon – RARE

{BB} Bubble Bear & Friends
{BB} Bubble Bear & Friends – bear santa [ADD]
{BB} Bubble Bear & Friends – bear merlin [ADD]
{BB} Bubble Bear & Friends – chubby bunny blush bow [ADD]
{BB} Bubble Bear & Friends – chubby bunny neutral bloo [ADD]
{BB} Bubble Bear & Friends – chubby bunny ribboned! [ADD]

*HEXtraordinary* Faerie Maidens
*HEXtraordinary* Faerie Maiden Wanderer – Rose (REZ)
*HEXtraordinary* Faerie Maiden Wanderer – Amethyst  (REZ)

Yokai – Penguin Stories
15.Yokai – Penguin stories – Star traveler (blue)

Breaux – Poopies
Pile of Steaming Poo Chair – Poopies – Breaux RARE {Blogger}

.::KHD::. VR
.::KHD::. VR: Unicorn Farts RARE

-FABIA- <Tammy/Tanya>
-FABIA- <Tammy> in Unnatural

SEmotion Funny Faces
SEmotion Funny Faces HUD 2 Set 13 EXCLU GIFT [Catwa]

Other Items:
02 c’est la fete! – light
LAGOM – GlassMoon [Foil Moon Scattered Pink]

Head:  LAQ Bento – Bree 3.05
Body: Tweenster
Hair:  -Fabia- <Tammy> in Unnatural
Outfit: Thankful Cute Tweenster Girl
(Sassy Princess Fashions)



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