Under Your Spell

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Under Your Spell

You’re a story that I hoped I’d never have to tell
You’re a lesson that I wish I’d never learned so well
After all my years of giving up and letting go
All I wanted was to give you what you’ve never known
I know now
You can only hurt me cause I let you get to know me so well
I know now
I love you cause only you can turn my heaven to hell
I know now
I want out from under your spell
Under your spell
I’m under your spell
~The Birthday Massacre

The Gacha Guardians is in full swing and is filled with some amazing gachas for you to play.  I love Birth Skins new gacha with lipsticks, eye shadow and skins.  The Gift of the Guardians (your pull prize after 15 pulls) is one of 2 skins with a 50/50 chance of winning one.  I am wearing the Fairy GOG and the other is a Drow GOG.  Both are stunning and made for Catwa.  I am also wearing pink eye shadow from Births gacha which compliments the rare Fairy skins perfectly!  I hope you enjoy this pic!


Mossy Stones by Moon_Sha *Coming Soon to We <3 Role-Play*
Rapunzel Flowers by 3rd Eye Perceptions
On Me:
Skin & Eyeshadow: SFairy GOG & Eyeshadow 1 (On Catwa Lona) by Birth @ The Gacha Guardians *New*
Lima Dress by Una *Coming Soon to We <3 Roleplay*
Aschera Hair by Runaway @ The Hair Fair *New*
Modern Fairy Gacha: Mystery GOG (Halo), GOG Wand, Bracelet, Chest Tattoo & Leg Tattoo by ERSCH @ The Gacha Guardians *New*
Cora Bracelets by Kunglers *Coming Soon to We <3 Role-Play*
Pose: Enchantress 8 by Poseidon

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