Today we lost an amazing soul.

remember amy

It is with a very heavy heart that I announce the loss of Scarlet Chandrayaan, the amazing creator behind Alouette. She was an extremely sweet person and I wish I had gotten a chance to know her better. Even as she battled her illness she was upbeat every time we spoke and never let the gravity of her situation bring her down. She was a gracious, kind person and I am happy to have met her. She brought an extra light into all of our lives with her beautiful and vivid creations and our world will be less vibrant without her in it. Scarlet’s friends have setup a special tumblr where those who knew her or those who simply admired her amazing talents can post messages for her family to see.




  • Tealeanna Mistwood

    Alouette was one of those stores that took you by surprise. I never realized how many times I looked forward to seeing her work at different events. I spoke to her several times on a professional level (Mostly inventory related) and she was always so happy, helpful, and upbeat. Secondlife is a little less bright without her in it. I will miss seeing her work, her brilliance, her kindness. Rest in peace Amy.

  • Sunglo

    Heartbreaking. A kind soul with amazing talent. A reminder that life is precious, often people forget we are all people behind the avatars, a sad day for the community. Thoughts go out to all her friends and family.

  • michelle2508

    I`ve never had a chance to meet this girl , but from what I heard she was such a lovely person… Rest in peace sweet angel,may your golden heart shine above us on some better place. I wish a lot of strength to her family and friends.

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