Time To Dream.

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Time To Dream


Nach – Valentines Bedroom @Gacha Garden  ➜Go!

*Valentines Bed RARE

*Valentines Vanity Table

*Valentines Bear Frame

*Hearts Frame (Free Gift)

*Valentines Chair

*Valentines Lamp

*Valentines Nightstand

*Valentines Wardrobe RARE

*Valentines Messy PJs

*Valentines Curtains

Velvet Whip – All you need is Love (Gacha) @Gacha Garden  ➜Go!

*Heart Paper flower

*Valentine Vase *

 Sway’s – Tick-Tock Clock @Gacha Garden  ➜Go!

*Heart pink

 Backdrop: Foxcity – Weightless Booth (Vip Group) ➜Go!

Dilly Dolls – Lovers Decor @Gacha Garden  ➜Go!

*Heart Table (White)

*Love You Plant (White)

*Hanging Memories (Gift)

*Teddy Bear (White) RARE

*Well Loved Teddy Bear (SOI)

*Love Candle (White)

*Love Memory Blocks (White)

BabyBurp – A Butterfly Dream @Gacha Garden  ➜Go!

*Fruitbowl day

*open book day

*fluffy Rug night

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