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This ain’t no dirty joke

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A donkey, a deer and a puppy walk into a bar… and well… this place needs a cleaning now, seriously…

Just like you feel the day after a good party.. this picture is a slight bit washed out. Hey, it made sense to me to do it that way.. lol

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For a visual reference of the full inventory at Gachaland, check the official website and the official blog as well! 😀

My outfit, available @ Gachaland untill the end of January 2020:

AtaMe – Bossy Lady in Trouble Glasses with glass
AtaMe – Bossy Lady in Trouble Blouse Maitreya
AtaMe – Bossy Lady in Trouble Pumps Maitreya
AtaMe – Bossy Lady in Trouble Skirt Maitreya

The cleaning supplies, available @ Gachaland untill the end of January 2020:
Rassuel-Cleaning Gacha- Ryson (Wearable) RARE
Rassuel – Cleaning Gacha – Cart
Rassuel – Cleaning Gacha – Supplies A
Rassuel – Cleaning Gacha – Supplies B
Rassuel – Cleaning Gacha – Towel Tray
Rassuel – Cleaning Gacha – Tool Box

The decor, available @ Gachaland untill the end of January 2020:
Junk Food – Hydrate Flask (Sunrise) RARE Rez
Junk Food – Hydrate Flask (Ying Yang) RARE Rez

Torika Moreno Wine
Torika Moreno Rug
Torika Moreno Vase A
Torika Moreno Vase B
Torika Moreno Candle
Torika Moreno Sofa
Torika Moreno Chair 01
Torika Moreno Chair 02
Torika Moreno Coffee Table A
Torika Moreno Fireplace Tv Cabinet
Torika Moreno SkyBox

Sway’s [Geometric] Wall Art . Rabbit
Sway’s [Geometric] Wall Art . Star
Sway’s [Geometric] Wall Art . Moon
Sway’s [Geometric] Wall Art . Guitar

The things from other places:
The body: Maitreya Lara
The head: Catwa Catya
The hair: Wasabi // Aliya Mesh Hair
The ears: .:E.A.Studio Ear Nepthune
The donkey: Foxes – Havana Nights – Lil Ass – Spot
The deer: CryBunBun – Sitting Deer
The puppy: [Rezz Room] Bulldog Puppy Sleep



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