The Light Of Love

The Light Of Love

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The February round of Swank has come to us. Also, we are in full swing with Gacha Garden by Gimmie Gacha Productions. Throw in some newness from Armonia Decor, {what next},  a hunt goodie from Krescendo , a few more bits and pieces and viola! 


From the Valentine Place setting gacha available @Swank

Aphrodite – “Light of Love” Placemat

Aphrodite Valentine – Candle  – RARE

Aphrodite Valentine – Deco Champagner Flute 

Aphrodite Valentine – Deco Champagner Cup

From the Valentine Table gacha- Available @Swank

Aphrodite Dreamy Lace round table RARE

From the Sanarae “Romance Dining Chairs” Gacha- Available @ Swank

Aphrodite Romantic vintage chair

Armonia Decor

From the Romance Rustic set available @ Unik

Armonia Decor – Chair Romance Rustic (Blue and Pink)

Armonia Decor – Lamp Romance Rustic

Armonia Decor -Table Romance Rustic

{what next}

{what next} Rose Wreath

{what next} Rose Vase Decor #1 out of the set of 3


From the Daughter gacha set – Available @ Gacha Garden

[ SpotCat ] -Daughter – Standing #05

[Rezz Room]

From the Bulldog Puppy gacha – Available @ Gacha Garden

[Rezz Room]- Bulldog Puppy Play

[Rezz Room]- Collar Table

[Rezz Room]- Dog Cart

[Rezz Room]- Bulldog Puppy Sleep


For the The XOXO Hunt– (the hunt item can be found at Krescendo’s store_)

[Kres]- Upcycled XO

Dust Bunny

dust bunny – love tarts

dust bunny – amy’s memorial garden

dust bunny – overnight bag

dust bunny – guiana chestnut tree

dust bunny – tabletop plants fiddle leaf branch


From the Daily Life Gacha Set

ChiMia – Minimalist Office Desk – Daily Life Gacha

ChiMia – Office Comfort Chair (PG) – Daily Life Gacha RARE


Kalopsia – Tamsin’s Paper Files

Kalopsia – Tamsin’s Pencils Pot

Trompe Loeil – Haldis Fireplace + Birch Logs

Cheeky Pea– Huisje WallArt

Kei’s Spot– Kei’s Lust Notes (xoxo edition)

LISP – Mesh – Charlotte Nerd Chocolate Tea Tray with steam

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