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The Great Milenko

The Great Milenko

Be warned, my children. Six will visit, followed by the crumbling of time
Itself. Before the coming of Shangri-La, a Dark Carnival will sweep across the land, as a shadow, plagued with destruction. A parade of freaks, jugglers, and death
This wretched nightmare is led by six faces. Three have come, three have gone. The fourth emerges now. He walks among us as a shadow, void of light, powered by your own darkness, strengthened by your own wickedry. A horrid reflection of your very own deep desires cast and reflected back upon yourself
Brothers and Sisters! The time has come
For the Necromaster. The unleashing of the fourth joker’s card. The arrival
Of The Great Milenko


Vintage Fair is in full swing as well as Imaginarium! I have some goodies from both events to share with you! Make sure you check my blog to see more images and maps for Vintage Fair!

Vintage Fair is brought to you by Pale Girl Productions & Schultz Bros

Imaginarium is brought to you by Gimmie Gacha Productions

*By Swirly*– Burlesque Outfit- This is a full outfit with multiple parts that is rigged for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink and I am wearing the Maitreya version. I will list the parts that come with the outfit. It can be found @ Vintage Fair 2019. By Swirly is located on theSouth Sim.

*By Swirly* Burlesque Boots
*By Swirly* Burlesque Corset
*By Swirly* Burlesque Glove
*By Swirly* Burlesque Skirt – Maitreya
*By Swirly* Burlesque Top Hat

Also included are Omega appliers to apply the stockings

Hair- KMH– Hair F112- This is a unrigged mesh hair, is available in numerous tones. You can find it @ Vintage Fair 2019, KMH is located on the South Sim

Head- Genus Project– Strong Face

Skin- 7 Deadly S[K]ins– Timeless- I am wearing the Caramel skin tone- However there are two types of the skin tones.

There are the Lights and the Darks skin tone series. The lights have 8 tones and the Darks have 7. Each skin comes with a brow and browless version and are Omega compatible. Can be found @ Vintage Fair 2019. 7 Deadly S[K]ins is located on the North Sim.

Megaphone- (epia) – Megaphone

Pose- Animare was used to create the pose



From the Life’s A Circus gacha set available @ Imaginarium brought to you by Gimmie Gacha Productions

MadPea Life’s a Circus – Podium – Blue

MadPea Life’s a Circus – Travel Trunk – Blue

MadPea Life’s a Circus – Travel Trunk – Red

MadPea Life’s a Circus – Bleachers – Red

MadPea Life’s a Circus – Balloons – Blue

MadPea Life’s a Circus – Balloons – Red

MadPea Life’s a Circus – Trapeze Ring – Blue


From the Vintage Carnival gacha set

[IK] Vintage Carnival – Ball

[IK] Vintage Carnival – Cannon

[IK] Vintage Carnival – Animal Cage

[IK] Vintage Carnival – Popcorn Machine

[IK] Vintage Carnival – Strongman Weight

[IK] Vintage Carnival – Juggling Stuff


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  • Sigmablues

    It’s been a while since I have seen an awesome circus picture like this one. Very cool. Your outfit is the best part though <3

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