The Gacha Garden May18, Now Open!!

The Gacha Garden is back for our May Round! This round features dozens of beautiful new sets and awesome exclusives brought to you by some of your very favorite Creators like…

Breathe, 22769, Meva, BananaN, Wicca’s Wardrobe, Artisan Fantasy, Since 1975, Avaway, Lagom, HEXtraordinary and many more!

As you explore the Garden keep a look out for dozens of gift boxes filled with special gifts from our generous Creators!

You can visit The Gacha Garden and get your gacha on by clicking here!!

Shopping guide after the jump!!

Shopping guide (Still updating!) :



  • Sunny

    Just got the ENTIRE *AF* Refuge set here and it’s stunningly beautiful! Got amazing shoes, cute bracelet… The entire event is beautifully staged with great designers! Thank you for such a wonderful time!

  • MeropeAngel

    I have all the gifts! Can’t wait to be able to buy some stuff! <3 Great setup too thanks for putting everything on one side much easier for browsing <3 <3 <3

  • Joshua Hunter

    Loved most of the items, got a few rares that i was hoping for, and a lot of stuff i liked. My girl liked her gifts too. Loved the layout, was very well designed and put together. Great Job all around.

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