Tea and Gossips

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Kitty on the Left

Hair : [^.^Ayashi^.^] Dark side gacha RARE NEW @ The Imaginarium
Eyes : {S0NG} :: Kami Eyes – Pale Green NEW @Uber
Dress : #9″mignon.” -Kawaii mini kimono.[Maitreya exp] NEW @Kurenai
Choker : [^.^Ayashi^.^] Yuikine Collar(Dark set) NEW @ The Imaginarium
Ring : red (mint) – (r)M VR Crown Ring
Bow : [^.^Ayashi^.^] Yuikine Bow(Dark set) NEW @ The Imaginarium
Nails : [C]alme. Nudes Gacha – RARE 1

Haruka on the Right

Eyes : {S0NG} :: Yuna~ Pale Green
Dress : #4″mignon.” -Kawaii mini kimono.[Maitreya exp] NEW @Kurenai
Necklace : ::Supernatural::. . Joy Collar Pink
Bindi : CURELESS [+] Moonlight Jewels
Hair : Wasabi // Sloane NEW @ The Arcade
Bindi : CURELESS [+] Moonlight Jewels
Skin : {S0NG} Akira Skin / Medium Tone – Catwa Applier – NEW @District20

{moss&mink} Winter Delights Gacha NEW @ The Arcade

{moss&mink} Winter Delights – Kotatsu Table – Princess RARE
{moss&mink} Winter Delights – Dango – White
{moss&mink} Winter Delights – Macha tea – White
{moss&mink} Winter Delights – Teapot – White
{moss&mink} Winter Delights – Mochi – White

From Yokai – Snowflake GACHA  NEW @ The Imaginarium

4.Yokai – Snowflake – Puppy w garland (gray)
6.Yokai – Snowflake – Puppy w candy (black)
10.Yokai – Snowflake – Puppy with a sign (gray)
From 8f8 – Once Broken and Forgotten

2 – 8f8 – Once Broken and Forgotten – Vacant RARE
19 – 8f8 – Once Broken and Forgotten – The Handsome
5 – 8f8 – Once Broken and Forgotten – Follow Me
12 – 8f8 – Once Broken and Forgotten – Light My Way
17 – 8f8 – Once Broken and Forgotten – Starry Night

[^.^Ayashi^.^] Yuikine Doll RARE NEW @ The Imaginarium
[^.^Ayashi^.^] Yuimi Doll RARE NEW @ The Imaginarium

+Half-Deer+ +Half Deer + – Beep Tamago Sushi and Strawberry NEW @ The Arcade




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  1. James20 Easterwood

    Love the look of this post,it reminds me of Alice in wonderland,only its the holidays season of Christmas,and not just one lady but two,it is another that reminds me of a fairy tail fantasy Christmas from the elegant table laid out ready to enjoy the celebrations to the snowy background with a glint of sun trying to come through the clouds,combining all this together gives another good example of your none typical Christmas.

  2. Vampiress Imperia DarkMoon

    Tis an adorable attraction, many would gather for such a sight. Truly well put together and awesomely inviting. Beautiful indeed, save me a seat? ~ giggles~

  3. Elinah Iredell

    Does anyone else remember having a tea party as a child ? This inspires me to want to do it again in sl , and the table is so elegant and sweet with the pretty frills and bows, .Set a table with your prettiest china outside in the white snow. Bring your best buddy and your animal pals and have fun. You are never too old for a tea party.

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