Sacred Ruins

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Once upon a time, there were two young elves that decided to camp near one of the sacred ruins in the outskirts of their city.  They soon discovered a blue lagoon and took a seat to dip their feet.

Holiday Purrfection

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Meow-lo!  First off, I love cats so all the cat haters..I apologize ahead of time!  All I want for Christmas is one or two, maybe three kitties under the tree.  Not very responsible, since I already have two.  I digress, JIAN has quite the surprise for us at the Winter Gacha Festival; perfect to place under your trees in-world, where …

Faded….- Comment to win a RARE gacha! (ends 08/01)

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If you need a Gacha Fix, I know where you must go and that is to the Oh My Gacha! Event that is going on as we speak! There are so many great Creator’s featured at this event and for this photo I chose to feature Luas’ Gacha Creations. Ainaraluas, the Creator/Designer of Luas put together this great Boho set, which also …

Creative Flood Warning

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!!!WARNING WARNING!!!  !!CODE RED!!  !!YOU ARE NOW IN A CREATIVE FLOOD ZONE!! Hide your feenecs, hide your gachas!  The flood will carry them away or you will get carried away.  I totally got carried away here, because I didn’t listen to ANY of the warnings.  “A unicorn must’ve exploded all kinds of bodily fluids in here!” is what some of …

.Life Is Just Beachy.

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The first day of summer is nearly upon us and I don’t know how your weather has been, but it is HOT where I live! Heat and Sun make The Arcade Event and its Summery flair all the more desirable; I went into a total Gachaholic Frenzy, with the feel of having to enter Gacha Rehab after I was finished. Sweat upon brow …

Graceful Party *MEOW*

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Hello, Everybody!  If you’re a cat owner, like me, then you totally know what it’s like when you’re trying to play dress up in Second Life after a good Arcade haul and there is just this incessant meowing coming from behind you.  Well, I’m sorry Precious!  I wanna play with my new toys.  Especially this new outfit from Pixicat..  No …

Think Hippie Thoughts

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Greetings, everyone!  Over the past couple of days I morphed into a bohemian Uber babe! There are a lot of symbolic styles on the grid, but boho/hippie is always a style that is super popular.  Personally, I used to be surrounded by hippies during my high school days, and they’re the most friendly people you could ever know (as far …