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    Shopping, Holiday Parties…..Screams!

    Blog Post Dec 2015_FINALMy holidays are always full and busy! A lot of traveling, shopping, get togethers, parties and so on. Like real life, my Second Life can get pretty hectic. All of this shopping recently has just completely messed my inventory up and it is driving me crazy to say the least. Lots of great Gacha Events are popping up and there are some awesome Creator’s on the grid that are really turning out with great fashions, decor and poses lately. The Winter Gacha Festival and the Midwinter Fair are new events for me this year and they have some awesome items for you to check out. Sweet Kajira’s ‘Paula Dress’ was one of my favorite dress designs at the Midwinter Fair and there are several great colors to attain! So, if you are still looking to dress up for the winter season or need more decor, definitely check these Winter events before they end!

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    Cookie Cocoa

    Hot Cocoa
    Totally random this is, but boy am I craving some gingerbread and hot chocolate; better yet the kind with faces on them.  It’s just SO FREAKIN’ CUTE!!  I feel so intoxicated by the Holiday Spirit…or maybe it’s all the shopping I get to do.  Love shopping!  Especially when it comes to gachas.  Easiest gifts to obtain for all my friends on the grid.  Maybe I’ll be passing them some yummy Cookie Cocoa from Atomic.

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    Holiday Purrfection

    Purfect Holiday
    Meow-lo!  First off, I love cats so all the cat haters..I apologize ahead of time!  All I want for Christmas is one or two, maybe three kitties under the tree.  Not very responsible, since I already have two.  I digress, JIAN has quite the surprise for us at the Winter Gacha Festival; perfect to place under your trees in-world, where some animated kitties go to town on your Holiday decor.    Yes they have their own little animations that just make any normal, crazy, cat lady squeal in delight!  Look for them when the Winter Gacha Festival opens up at 12PM SLT, Dec. 12th.