Fantastic Gachas

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Frosty Road

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Right down Frosty Road there is an iced over pond where Pink Frosty The Snow Girl is adorned in lights by all the Sugarplum elves.  These elves in particular love to dress cozy this time of year, adorned in hoodie dresses and some comfy boots as they dance and play outside as the snow descends from above.  Pink Frosty loves …

Zombie Killer – Special Gacha Garden Sponsor Dedication Post to JIAN

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Fighting evil by moonlight, swinging bats around tonight, never gonna get a zombie bite, I am the one called Demimoon..something.  Okay, hopefully I accomplished some never ending Sailor Moon track music playing in your head for the next hour, but I really had so much fun picturing my side kick and what my weapon/wand could possibly be if I were …