Paris Blues….

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A protective stride she makes, a furrowed face she claims, she walks the streets vulnerable and feeling unashamed. Purse in hand, her posture bold as the tassels of her shirt ripple in the wind, sounds of a Jazz band flutter to her ear. The day is intense, but she keeps on moving at any expense.

Garden Party – Special Gacha Garden Sponsor Dedication Post to Junbug

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Every moment when there is an urge to dress for a garden party Junbug is the first creator to come to mind, for me.  Her vintage clothing creations stem from fantasy gowns to quality undergarments (corsets and bloomers) that are quite suitable for a girly individual who appreciates such an aesthetic.  As one may be able to tell above, Juno …

Herbology – Wizarding Faire 2015 – Comment to win a RARE gacha! (ends 08/01)

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Hello, everyone!  Don’t tell Professor Sprout that I’ve been sneaking into the green house unsupervised.  We’ll keep it between us like true cool kids.  Eh hehh..  I mean, if it’s alright with you, I’d appreciate help in fixing my hair back to normal.  It seems that I went and turned it into a plant by accident.  Don’t tell the Professor, …

Creative Flood Warning

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!!!WARNING WARNING!!!  !!CODE RED!!  !!YOU ARE NOW IN A CREATIVE FLOOD ZONE!! Hide your feenecs, hide your gachas!  The flood will carry them away or you will get carried away.  I totally got carried away here, because I didn’t listen to ANY of the warnings.  “A unicorn must’ve exploded all kinds of bodily fluids in here!” is what some of …

In Wine There Is Truth.

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I thoroughly enjoy reading anything philosophical from ancient texts to modern day texts. The title “In wine there is truth” is a quote alluded to by Pliny the Elder many centuries ago. The phrase is often continued as, “In wine there is truth, in water there is health.” With that said, I just adore the YS&YS La Cantina Gacha (Available …

Keeping That Feeling Alive

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We all have that special someone that we like to send loving photos to, especially when they are far away yet close to your heart. Keeping that feeling alive is important in any relationship as we all know! To help me ‘Keep That Feeling Alive’, I am using Label Motion Poses-Phone Pose available now at the Shiny Shabby event and …

I Feel Good…..

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I feel good with a cup of coffee surrounded by music, friends, thoughts of photos and creativity. Today I thought about how Second Life has impacted my life and in so many ways it has brought many things out of me that were already there and in use, but enhanced me. I have seen friends come and go-I have seen …