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    Happyend Park – { ANC }

    Tea Cups{ ANC } Never ceases to amaze me in their gacha sets!  I always feel like I’m transported into a completely different fantasy land where I can make friends with the creatures and we just spend the whole day lounging about with no worries.  Merry-Go-Rounds are also super cute, therefore a necessity for everyone on the grid that loves cute things!  What I love about the teacups is how they move!  They can rotate as if you’re truly on a ride and that’s a really nice touch I must say.  Check out the key after the jump to see all the amazing creations you have a chance to obtain by playing { ANC } ‘s Happyend Park’s set!

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    Harajuku Me! – Atomic

    I feel so dreamy in this Harajuku styled hat!  I love kawaii, but I even love it more when it’s so over the top and so deco!  Just let me pour all the cuteness everywhere!  Atomic is no stranger to all that is kawaii!  So many of her gachas I totally fawn over and coo in delight!  Therefore, this set was totally meant for me to collect, especially with Spring around the corner.  I feel like this is my new lucky hat.  Every star is a wish for a new rare with each gambled pull on a gacha!  Check this gacha machine out at The Arcade and perhaps gain a new best friend, a cute as heck bull from Birdy!

    Hair: [Atomic] Gacha // Harajuku Me // Bunny – FluffyPack 2 *NEW* @ The Arcade
    Eye Lashes: *MC* “Falsies”
    Eyes: {S0NG} :: Demi~ Abyss Eye
    Head: .tsg. Mimi Mesh Head Vampy
    Pet: Birdy. Lil Bull BB – Naked – Violet *NEW* @ The Arcade
    Dress: `M.BIRDIE / Anna look.B-pink RARE *NEW* @ The Arcade


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    Dino Buddies – JIAN’s First Round @ The Arcade!

    DinoC’mere, you cute raptors, you!  Here’s a tasty looking hand.  You totally want it, don’t you?  Mm, looks so scrumptious.  I totally don’t plan on using this metal hatchet on you.  No way.  That would be rude; so I’ve been told.  Nyah Nyah~!  I feel like I should try to remember an important thing about what Darwin is known for.  Ah, that’s right!  Natural Selection.  Well, I naturally selected to tease y’all Fast Biters.  I mean, if you’re not going to off me, then it’s totally going to be all on that Sharp Tooth behind us.

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    Holiday Deliverance

    Holiday Blog_001 FINALTo all who celebrate Christmas and other Holidays this time of year, I wish you a joyous day! I hope that the end of 2015 brings you a better understanding of life and its joys into the 2016 New Year (I know it has for me). What is life without being open to learning, tolerating others’ believes/thoughts and being conscious of what is going on around us. I think that Second Life makes a big contribution to this message and gives us the opportunity to connect to so many people throughout the world that many of us would otherwise not encounter. So, where ever you are today, take a moment to take a step outside and open your arms wide letting the air whisk through your body. As you feel this subtle breeze, close your eyes and embrace yourself, for it is only you that writes your story.  ~Gia

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    Frosty Road

    Right down Frosty Road there is an iced over pond where Pink Frosty The Snow Girl is adorned in lights by all the Sugarplum elves.  These elves in particular love to dress cozy this time of year, adorned in hoodie dresses and some comfy boots as they dance and play outside as the snow descends from above.  Pink Frosty loves pink so to honor their frozen friend, the elves sugar up in pink colored goodness as they continue to be merry.

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    Shopping, Holiday Parties…..Screams!

    Blog Post Dec 2015_FINALMy holidays are always full and busy! A lot of traveling, shopping, get togethers, parties and so on. Like real life, my Second Life can get pretty hectic. All of this shopping recently has just completely messed my inventory up and it is driving me crazy to say the least. Lots of great Gacha Events are popping up and there are some awesome Creator’s on the grid that are really turning out with great fashions, decor and poses lately. The Winter Gacha Festival and the Midwinter Fair are new events for me this year and they have some awesome items for you to check out. Sweet Kajira’s ‘Paula Dress’ was one of my favorite dress designs at the Midwinter Fair and there are several great colors to attain! So, if you are still looking to dress up for the winter season or need more decor, definitely check these Winter events before they end!

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    XmasShot_FINALIt is that time of year and many are celebrating the Holidays and if you have not already, it is time to decorate! I am trying not to think of the cleanup after the Holidays, so I am soaking up the atmosphere and hanging that mistletoe. There are several impressive events going on to get you geared up for this 2015 Holiday season. So, get cozy and grab your cocoa lets explore some of the places to jump start your shopping!