Shades Of The Morning

Gia Swizzle Gacha, Second Life 4 Comments

The shade and morning dew of the morning is of great inspiration to me. A new day and new outlook on life is evident on each rising sun. From watering my earthly plant life to airing out linens in the freshness of our earthly air, the crispness and newness of each new day is significant if only we will open …

Russian Chic

Gia Swizzle Gacha, Second Life 9 Comments

The Russian Chic look is inspired by the creations presented at the Shiny Shabby Event. I simply adored the YS&YS Irina skin and immediately fell in love with it the moment it came alive on me. Along with the Tableau Vivant’s Diana hair and wonderful clothing/items featured, I was in pure pixel heaven!