Rocker Usagi

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What do you get when you put Usagi (Sailor Moon) and JEM (and the Holograms) together?  A bunny pop star that uses a magical wand for some amazing beats to defeat it’s foes while trying to look kawaii all at once!  The punch line got lost some where in there, but I hope the digital rainbow bubbles are popping and …

Feeling Koi

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Welcome to 2016!  So happy to be here with y’all!  As far as I’ve heard, the Galaxy is trendy these days, but I’m waiting for mermaids to come back.  It’s easy to get into a debate on whether or not we should put more focus on exploring space instead of our own ocean.  We’ve explored less than five percent of …

Slumber Party

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Ever wondered what it’s like for us people on Eastern time, waiting for an event that does not open until 12AM SLT?  That is 3AM for Eastern peeps!!  It is quite a process sometimes, but what we do to deal is pretty much have ourselves a Slumber Party!!  The best way to go about a slumber party is to first …

Hot Springs Adventure

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Awe, Shiba found someone he actually likes!  Too bad Mew isn’t really into it; I mean look at her face!  She’s horrified.  Somehow, I think it’s quite adorable!  *Blushes*  Yeesh, is it getting hot in here?  Oh, right.  Hot spring!  *Fans self* — (Song) “HEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!!” (ME) “Oh, Song!  NOoo!!!” *SPLASH*

Angel Delivery- Comment to win a RARE Gacha! (ends 08/01)

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Hello, everybody!  We are the angel delivery service!  Unfortunately, we don’t have an actual name for the company, since that is still in the works, but we have all sorts of products  in store this year from your own pair of angel wings to some companions that can flutter about you.  Here we have the state of the art Inka …