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    Happyend Park – { ANC }

    Tea Cups{ ANC } Never ceases to amaze me in their gacha sets!  I always feel like I’m transported into a completely different fantasy land where I can make friends with the creatures and we just spend the whole day lounging about with no worries.  Merry-Go-Rounds are also super cute, therefore a necessity for everyone on the grid that loves cute things!  What I love about the teacups is how they move!  They can rotate as if you’re truly on a ride and that’s a really nice touch I must say.  Check out the key after the jump to see all the amazing creations you have a chance to obtain by playing { ANC } ‘s Happyend Park’s set!

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    Kawaii Delinquents

    School Politics
    Whaaaat?  I’m much too cute to be accused of bringing booze into school!  These are filled with water!  Oh and the candy cigs are just that!  Candy!  If anything it’s our sugar levels we’re putting at risk.  So what if my friend is giving some bad girl vibe!  She is even more shy than I am, if you can believe that. Haha.  Yeah, you should not have been so assuming.  Smoking is bad for you.  Looking fabulous is not!  Especially in pink.  Oh um..I see you have noticed the bat.  That’s for this girl who called me–..I mean, can’t a girl enjoy baseball?  It matches my outfit.  Enough with the questions!  No delinquent activity happening here.  Move along!

    Love what you see?!  Play The Sugar Garden’s Delinquent gacha set @ The Arcade  event!  Details after the jump!