Gachaween Month – Violet

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Hello, my peeps!  It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  First off, glad to be back with everyone!  I’m ready for a spooky beginning, so let us commence Gachaween Month!  Yes, in the spirit of all that is abinormal, I would like to dedicate this month to gachas influenced with the Halloween spirit! 

Sponsor Spotlight – Lassitude&Ennui

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Three little kittens may have lost their mittens, but I am currently smitten with the little kittens.  Just one more drop and another kitten duplicate I shall have and soon my kitten army will overtake virtual land.

Magic in the Air

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The first Kawaii PonPon is open!  And it’s full of adorable stuff!  Even some exclusives for the Kemono Body by  <UTILIZATOR> which I personally adore paired with the M3 Head.  And one of my abosolute favorites at this round of Kawaii PonPon is the stocking/shoes by [Parfiet.] The ruffled garters at the top of the socks, with mary jane shoes …

Captain Demi “Parrot Charmer” Holtz

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Ahoy!  Yes, I be thee Captain Demi “Parrot Charmer” Holtz!  Are you havin’ a good day in t’ middle o’ November? I am.  I’ve been drinkin’ some nice apple cider before transitionin’ into t’ wonders o’ peppermint in everythin’ seasonal products.  Back t’ business! Haha. Enchantment has gone Peter Pan this round and o’ course me eye fly t’ Remarkable …

Hocus Pocus!

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Are we beckoning for the SL occupants to come hither and gather at The Arcade where you can grab yourself some great witch apparel?  Absolutely!  Guilty as charged as we cast a spell on you to snap a Remarkable Oblivion hat and some wicked Pixicat apparel!  The Arcade is only open for a few more weeks so be sure to …

Pretty In Pink!

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PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINK!!!!!  YES I AM LIVING FOR BIRDY’S LITTLE CHI GACHA SET!!!!  I always enjoy a little pink.  A lot of pink, really.  What’s best about this collection though is the cute setup for my cute wittle puppies!  Yes, I baby talk my pets.  I baby talk to other people as well; please don’t judge me.  Thank goodness I visited this …