Gachaween Month – Violet

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Hello, my peeps!  It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  First off, glad to be back with everyone!  I’m ready for a spooky beginning, so let us commence Gachaween Month!  Yes, in the spirit of all that is abinormal, I would like to dedicate this month to gachas influenced with the Halloween spirit! 

Love Yourself

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The new Dreams Gacha event is coming, which will have loads of gacha goods to be collected for your virtual needs; whether it be to collect or display!  I went ahead and created a vortex with some of the goods to be had; an umbrella for a crown, frog chairs all in a pool that is actually a water bed …

Bubble Pop

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Ever had the urge to burst into a fit of giggles because you’re tickled pink from something?  That’s totally the mood I am in right now.  I was asked what kind of theme this was and..I just did what I felt!  Little Bones just released a couple hairs at collabor88, and Centerfold really just made me feel like I’m walking …

Sparks Flutter

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So I said I’d climb the hill as twilight fell, write you notes and seal them well. I’d put them in the Chinese lanterns burning bright and set them soaring into the night. To you I send my unrequited love – for the times I never told you, love – I adore your presence in my heart and I wish …