Gachaween Month – Violet

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Hello, my peeps!  It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  First off, glad to be back with everyone!  I’m ready for a spooky beginning, so let us commence Gachaween Month!  Yes, in the spirit of all that is abinormal, I would like to dedicate this month to gachas influenced with the Halloween spirit! 

Love Yourself

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The new Dreams Gacha event is coming, which will have loads of gacha goods to be collected for your virtual needs; whether it be to collect or display!  I went ahead and created a vortex with some of the goods to be had; an umbrella for a crown, frog chairs all in a pool that is actually a water bed …

Bubble Pop

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Ever had the urge to burst into a fit of giggles because you’re tickled pink from something?  That’s totally the mood I am in right now.  I was asked what kind of theme this was and..I just did what I felt!  Little Bones just released a couple hairs at collabor88, and Centerfold really just made me feel like I’m walking …