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    Slumber Party

    Pajama Party
    Ever wondered what it’s like for us people on Eastern time, waiting for an event that does not open until 12AM SLT?  That is 3AM for Eastern peeps!!  It is quite a process sometimes, but what we do to deal is pretty much have ourselves a Slumber Party!!  The best way to go about a slumber party is to first grab a drink loaded with caffeine!  Second, you must have an array of snacks from salty to sweet, hot and cold, etc to make sure you will not go hungry.  Lastly, to make the time fly by, if possible, have youtube, hulu, netflix, SL blogs, and flickr to be sure you are entertained and see all the previews for the upcoming event that you must be one of the first to get in!  OH and make sure to surround yourself with some buddies; don’t be forever alone~.