Sponsor Spotlight – Since 1975

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Hello, y’all!  I decided to keep things light and fluffy with this Sponsor Spotlight!  I just feel weightless like the clouds.  Sometimes I like to get carried away by balloons and relax with ice cream and hot tea.  I happen to like the combination.  Are you looking for some balloons to lift your spirits or destroy someone’s?  Since 1975 made …

Sponsor Spotlight – Lassitude&Ennui

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Three little kittens may have lost their mittens, but I am currently smitten with the little kittens.  Just one more drop and another kitten duplicate I shall have and soon my kitten army will overtake virtual land.

Holiday Purrfection

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Meow-lo!  First off, I love cats so all the cat haters..I apologize ahead of time!  All I want for Christmas is one or two, maybe three kitties under the tree.  Not very responsible, since I already have two.  I digress, JIAN has quite the surprise for us at the Winter Gacha Festival; perfect to place under your trees in-world, where …

Paris Blues….

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A protective stride she makes, a furrowed face she claims, she walks the streets vulnerable and feeling unashamed. Purse in hand, her posture bold as the tassels of her shirt ripple in the wind, sounds of a Jazz band flutter to her ear. The day is intense, but she keeps on moving at any expense.

Weekend Venture – Comment to win a RARE gacha! (ends 08/01)

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This weekend has been quite the venture for me as well as many others. The coming week is going to be so busy with the Gacha Garden Event to start midnight on August 1, 2015. I had the pleasure of getting a sneak peak of the venue, it is incredibly awesome and I can not wait for all of you …

At The Bar – Comment to win a RARE gacha! (ends 08/01)

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This round of Shiny Shabby has SO much to offer, as usual. When I saw the Dress that Bauhaus made I immediately thought, “Such a cute ‘going for some drinks’ dress!” I feel so sexy in this dress and paired it up with an Analog Dog Hair that is available now at the Hair Fair.

Happy Days

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I’m such a fan (giggle) of Fawny’s baby kitty’s at Shiny Shabby.  They are the most adorable kitties I’ve seen and can only hope there will be more kitty pets from them that are adorned with such delicate decor.  The fishes and rope on the rare just make me all tingly and excited to be one of the many owners.  …