Happyend Park – { ANC }

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{ ANC } Never ceases to amaze me in their gacha sets!  I always feel like I’m transported into a completely different fantasy land where I can make friends with the creatures and we just spend the whole day lounging about with no worries.  Merry-Go-Rounds are also super cute, therefore a necessity for everyone on the grid that loves cute …

Sparks Flutter

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So I said I’d climb the hill as twilight fell, write you notes and seal them well. I’d put them in the Chinese lanterns burning bright and set them soaring into the night. To you I send my unrequited love – for the times I never told you, love – I adore your presence in my heart and I wish …

Strawberry Soda – The Gacha Garden

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Ready for the month of Pink, Red, White, and so forth? I so am!  Hearts and flowers and candy?  Totally the gal that will eat that stuff up!  Okay..flowers probably don’t taste all the good unless they’re made out of sugar and preferably atop of a cake, to be honest.  Mm, cake.  A bit of a ramble there, but I’m …

Garden Party – Special Gacha Garden Sponsor Dedication Post to Junbug

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Every moment when there is an urge to dress for a garden party Junbug is the first creator to come to mind, for me.  Her vintage clothing creations stem from fantasy gowns to quality undergarments (corsets and bloomers) that are quite suitable for a girly individual who appreciates such an aesthetic.  As one may be able to tell above, Juno …

Vintage Rose

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A life lesson for me is, how do you muster the courage to take on a new risk? Whether it’s starting up a business or taking on a new project or expedition. I think the risks that we take are all relative to the risk-taker. – Ann Bancroft I am ready to venture out into the unknown and grow into …


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The ballerina’s pirouette: This is the little triolet. Within a fairy scene and set The ballerinas pirouette To a limpid midnight minuet In Thumbelina-esque ballet. The ballerina’s pirouette: This is the little triolet. – Unknown


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Twinkle Twinkle Keke Stars, how I wonder where you are, up above Half-Deer moon so high, like ANC nebra beads in the sky.  Haha, such wonderful atmospheric pieces these are!  Perfect to showcase this wonderful outfit with FDD’s Little mermaid corset and Aisling’s Calypso crown.  Gosh their fantasy attire and accessories are super intricate; it may be gruesome to imagine …

Pink-Nic ~ Season’s Story Bliss – Comment to win a RARE gacha! (ends 08/01)

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Oh my gosh, The Seasons Story has been such a trip!  I’m starting to get a little round on the edges after eating all this virtual goodness up!  Om nom nom~!  Dust Bunny and Zenith never disappoint with their gachas!  First off, Dust Bunny has this chic Summer Picnic set for us and I had to make two of me …