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    Kawaii Delinquents

    School Politics
    Whaaaat?  I’m much too cute to be accused of bringing booze into school!  These are filled with water!  Oh and the candy cigs are just that!  Candy!  If anything it’s our sugar levels we’re putting at risk.  So what if my friend is giving some bad girl vibe!  She is even more shy than I am, if you can believe that. Haha.  Yeah, you should not have been so assuming.  Smoking is bad for you.  Looking fabulous is not!  Especially in pink.  Oh um..I see you have noticed the bat.  That’s for this girl who called me–..I mean, can’t a girl enjoy baseball?  It matches my outfit.  Enough with the questions!  No delinquent activity happening here.  Move along!

    Love what you see?!  Play The Sugar Garden’s Delinquent gacha set @ The Arcade  event!  Details after the jump!

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    Rocker Usagi

    Usagi Rocks
    What do you get when you put Usagi (Sailor Moon) and JEM (and the Holograms) together?  A bunny pop star that uses a magical wand for some amazing beats to defeat it’s foes while trying to look kawaii all at once!  The punch line got lost some where in there, but I hope the digital rainbow bubbles are popping and being super whimsical.  Hopefully, you feel energized to get through the rest of your day!  Usagi may be known for the power of love, and JEM may also be known for her virtual beauty, but I hope to be known as Demicorn!  The product of keeping things on the bright side!

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    Magical Girl Alice – The Seasons Story

    If it’s your birthday, then happy birthday!  If not, then a very merry un-birthday, to you!  I’ve gone magical girl mad. The kind of mad that can only be found in Wonderland!  I’ve completely transformed into quite the flamboyant certifiable nut.  After a lengthy transformation, this girl knows that hair must be on fleek!  The hair alone is enough to diversify among the other established magical girls, to be honest.  Don’t forget the signature kawaii stars and moons; erm..totally not ripping off a different magical girl!  Please don’t sue me.

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    Captain Demi “Parrot Charmer” Holtz

    Ahoy!  Yes, I be thee Captain Demi “Parrot Charmer” Holtz!  Are you havin’ a good day in t’ middle o’ November? I am.  I’ve been drinkin’ some nice apple cider before transitionin’ into t’ wonders o’ peppermint in everythin’ seasonal products.  Back t’ business! Haha. Enchantment has gone Peter Pan this round and o’ course me eye fly t’ Remarkable Oblivion’s Admiral hat and FDD’s corsets.  Of course everyone be definitely able t’ add more t’ their fairy wear collections because thar be so many Tinker Bell inspired creations that you cannot miss out on.  I do apologize for goin’ pirate and not a kawaii fairy; maybe it will happen! Be aye t’ visit Enchantment this round and see what Gacha tickles your fancy.