Sponsor Spotlight – Astralia

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Who is ready to rock some Muerte goods from Astralia?  Well, I sure am!  You can find this set at The Gacha Garden until the end of May 31st (TODAY!)  Be sure to visit The Gacha Garden (LM provided below) to grab all the Seed of Inspiration exclusives that will be RETIRED after the event closes to the public.

Sparks Flutter

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So I said I’d climb the hill as twilight fell, write you notes and seal them well. I’d put them in the Chinese lanterns burning bright and set them soaring into the night. To you I send my unrequited love – for the times I never told you, love – I adore your presence in my heart and I wish …

Captain Demi “Parrot Charmer” Holtz

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Ahoy!  Yes, I be thee Captain Demi “Parrot Charmer” Holtz!  Are you havin’ a good day in t’ middle o’ November? I am.  I’ve been drinkin’ some nice apple cider before transitionin’ into t’ wonders o’ peppermint in everythin’ seasonal products.  Back t’ business! Haha. Enchantment has gone Peter Pan this round and o’ course me eye fly t’ Remarkable …


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Twinkle Twinkle Keke Stars, how I wonder where you are, up above Half-Deer moon so high, like ANC nebra beads in the sky.  Haha, such wonderful atmospheric pieces these are!  Perfect to showcase this wonderful outfit with FDD’s Little mermaid corset and Aisling’s Calypso crown.  Gosh their fantasy attire and accessories are super intricate; it may be gruesome to imagine …

Happy Days

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I’m such a fan (giggle) of Fawny’s baby kitty’s at Shiny Shabby.  They are the most adorable kitties I’ve seen and can only hope there will be more kitty pets from them that are adorned with such delicate decor.  The fishes and rope on the rare just make me all tingly and excited to be one of the many owners.  …

{ANC}iently – The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

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A long time ago..The Fantasy Gacha Carnival came to be, a wonderful event filled with riches beyond one’s fantasy.  This round we have been offered such a wonderful gacha set from {ANC} called, Fish Shop Daughters.  Never disappointed by this creator, I dunked right into the dreamy antique tank.  Moved by the glimmering water and details, pulling a good portion …

Let’s Get Down To Business!

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“To defeat the Huns!”  (Be A Man reference)  I bet that is totally stuck in your head right now, because it certainly has been in mine for a while now.  Awe yeah, I’m super proud for getting down as Mulan in this outfit made of gachas!  Well, except the Truth hair that is.  Anyway, what do you think of me …

Live Slow, Die Whenever – Zombie (Undead)

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Funny story about this blog is that the other night I watched a new TV show called, iZombie, and thought their unique zombie perspective to be quite hilarious.  Based on the main character, Liv (ahahahaa, irony), who turns into a zombie, I took B.C.C. ‘s ramen from The School Canteen Food gacha, to pretend I’m eating spicy noodles and brains; …