Sacred Ruins

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Once upon a time, there were two young elves that decided to camp near one of the sacred ruins in the outskirts of their city.  They soon discovered a blue lagoon and took a seat to dip their feet.

Sponsor Spotlight – Lassitude&Ennui

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Three little kittens may have lost their mittens, but I am currently smitten with the little kittens.  Just one more drop and another kitten duplicate I shall have and soon my kitten army will overtake virtual land.

Sponsor Spotlight – Hextraordinary

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I always wanted that letter growing up; the invitation to Hogwarts. Haha, Harry Potter has inspired so much creativity all these years, that one could only hope to experience such a world of fantasy and grand adventures.  Luckily, we have Second Life and creators within whom express themselves on this platform to bring us amazing content!  Hextraordinary is simply extraordinary …

Magical Girl Alice – The Seasons Story

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If it’s your birthday, then happy birthday!  If not, then a very merry un-birthday, to you!  I’ve gone magical girl mad. The kind of mad that can only be found in Wonderland!  I’ve completely transformed into quite the flamboyant certifiable nut.  After a lengthy transformation, this girl knows that hair must be on fleek!  The hair alone is enough to …

Feeling Koi

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Welcome to 2016!  So happy to be here with y’all!  As far as I’ve heard, the Galaxy is trendy these days, but I’m waiting for mermaids to come back.  It’s easy to get into a debate on whether or not we should put more focus on exploring space instead of our own ocean.  We’ve explored less than five percent of …