Sponsor Spotlight – Culprit

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Have you been to The Gacha Garden yet?  Or perhaps the rest of the awesome events that opened this month?  Well, let me introduce you to something quite interesting as I place the spotlight on one of our sponsors, Culprit!  This creator is certainly known for it’s quirky charm and the fact that they retire ALL of their gachas!

Break Away

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Have you ever sat down and looked back on your high school days; the regrets and all the ‘should’ve, could’ve, would’ve’ nonsense?  Well, recently such thoughts have been on my mind and it always ends in, “I’ll never go back.”  I remember Second Life being my solace away from high school life.  Granted we all have had our high school-esc …

Jackeloping The Holidays!

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I honestly have no idea what jackeloping the holidays means, but my favorite things this season are jackelopes, pink outerwear, and presents.  The spirit of giving is upon us and the best presents are gachas, I must say.  Since they’re transferable you can pass them on with next to no worries.  If you HATE the gacha you get, well, slip …