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    Sponsor Spotlight – JIAN

    What is floofy and fluffy and overall nice to have around?  Cats and Dogs!  Especially, the ones made by JIAN.  All the pets they have done so far have been quite impressive.  Not only do they look cute, but their animations are so fluid that it’s like having a true virtual pet that is…ALIVE!  Their Silly Shibes at The Epiphany pretty much set a new standard for virtual pets.  Also, Floofy Felines are just as great!  In fact, because I’m biased, the cats are so adorkable; they remind me of all persians in action movies.  I want to be a diabolical mastermind with a floofy feline at my side.  You can get these cute cats at their Mainstore for The Gacha Guardians event!  The Fancy Feaster exclusive will be retired at the end of April!

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    Autumn – Special Gacha Garden Sponsor Dedication Post to ZERKALO

    Oh Autumn, how I adore thee; my favorite season of the year, to be honest.  My favorite thing about Autumn is the trends of pumpkin spice and apple cider; so virtually I have my buckets of apples and pumpkins on the farm to really live the fantasy.  ZERKALO‘s Country Living gacha set really helped to bring what I wanted to in Second Life; an Autumn Harvest.  Now I can chill with my friends on the back of my pickup for the rest of the season!  Seriously, I’m fine surrounded by these goodies~.