Sushi for two

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Sushi for two-1

Comment for a chance to WIN A RARE GACHA!!

kisetsu, Hanami Bento gacha, At February Round of The Gacha Garden!

kisetsu – Hanami Bento Gacha – Bento Box Red (unlinked) RARE
kisetsu – Hanami Bento Gacha – Bento Box Black RARE
kisetsu – Hanami Bento Gacha – Kusa Mochi
kisetsu – Hanami Bento Gacha – Ichigo Daifuku
kisetsu – Hanami Bento Gacha – Onigiri
kisetsu – Hanami Bento Gacha – Temari Sushi
kisetsu – Hanami Bento Gacha – Tamagoyaki
kisetsu – Hanami Bento Gacha – Inari Sushi
kisetsu – Hanami Bento Gacha – Karaage
kisetsu – Hanami Bento Gacha – Hanami Dango
kisetsu – Hanami Bento Gacha – Sakura Mochi

Mudhoney Calla Set, Located at Mudhoney Main Store.
MudHoney Calla Stool – White
MudHoney Calla Table – Silver
MudHoney Calla Olive Branch
MudHoney Calla Rug
MH Calla Pillow3-Herringbone Blue
MH Calla Pillow3-Medallion Blue
MH Calla Pillow3-Medallion Beige
MH Calla Pillow3-Key Trim Beige
MH Calla Pillow3-Goyard Beige
MH Calla Pillow2-Goyard Blue
MH Calla Pillow2-Key Trim Blue
MH Calla Pillow2-Key Beige
MH Calla Pillow1-Key Blue
MH Calla Pillow1-Key Trim Beige
MudHoney Calla Fireplace – White
MudHoney Calla Pot Oinochoe
MudHoney Calla Pot Amphora
MudHoney Calla Pot Pelike
MudHoney Calla Sunburst Mirror

unKindness, The Unveiling Violin, located at unkindness Main store.

uK – The Unveiling Violin Wood Dark

The Little Branch, Redbud Tree located at Little Branch Main Store.

Other Decor:

MudHoney Hudson Rug
Compulsion Ivy 1
Apple Fall Argentinian Malbec
Apple Fall Wine Glasses
Apple Fall Constance Frame – Gold
Apple Fall Constance Frame – Black
Apple Fall Ornamental Elephant – Bronze
Bauhaus Movement – Virginia Candle / No Plate -/ Light ON-OFF
Ariskea{Australia} Olive twigs
Ariskea[Dairy] Dairy Sage Container
Ariskea[Vintan] VIntage Mannequin
Fancy Decor: Vertical Candles (black)
Onsu ~ “Lakeville” House ~ Blue ~ Small Texture Version


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  1. Sigmablues

    Ooooooooo. This… right here is a very wonderful room. I love your choice of lighting. Very soft, inviting and calm. Also, I can see that there unattended snacks….. hope nobody minds xD

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