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Spring is in the air, and I have a pillow on my hair!

Stay home, wear a pillow!

I had so many hopes and wishes for the New Year. They went bye bye with a screaming vengeance, and FAST! Most of the world will understand what I am talking about. What a year so far, huh? Oh well. Bring on the comfy blankets! Bring on the chilled out social distancing! I’ll just stay here at home, alone, with my bunny and my eggs and my orchids and my swing. I’m alive, and there is a BIG balloon outside, and it came with FLOWERS! AND I have a pillow on my head!

Stay safe ♥

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My outfit, available @ Gachaland untill the end of April 2020:
The hair: {Limerence} Aleksandra hair RARE
The pillow on the head: Staying Home Pillow – Hotsauce – Breaux Willow[Add Me] RARE
The blanket wrap: Quilted Burritos (Grown) – Burrito-BreauxWillow[Add Me]RARE (this comes in adult AND kid sizes)

The swing couch: [P] Pillows, Springful: Couple Swing RARE

The bunny in the cup: 14.YOKAI – Baby Bunnies In Cups – Carrot Mafia (pink\gold)

The eggs:
So Silly Eggcellent Silly Buddies – CRY BABY
So Silly Eggcellent Silly Buddies – JOLLY RARE
So Silly Eggcellent Silly Buddies – OH NO

The orchids in the square planters:
So Silly Japanese Orchid – Nature Dragon RARE
So Silly Japanese Orchid – Attractive
So Silly Japanese Orchid – Loyal
So Silly Japanese Orchid – Earth Dragon RARE

The balloon with the flower basket: [Since1975] Mystic Gacha – Balloon – A

From other places:
The amazing Swedish house (and I just HAVE to say this… I am Swedish and this house just reminds me SO much of some of the houses in my area. And the quality… I LOVE this house! And oh… even the name is Swedish!):
Hisa – Hus På Landet

The vegetation: Heart – Autumn Path – Forest Floor – 15m – Square Module
The body: Maitreya Lara
The head: Catwa Catya

Additional pictures:
The pillow on the head.
The orchid planters.
The eggs.
The big balloon.
The hair.
The house.


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