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Spring Cleaning….

Spring is nearly here and the clocks are to be set forward, oh where has the time gone? Thanks to the Creator’s featured at the Arcade, I was able to stock up on a lot of goodies to help spring up my virtual living spaces! If you are still looking for The Arcade’s March selection or any of the older Gacha’s listed, click this link to teleport to Bella Gacha:

What Gia Is Wearing:

Monso-My Vintage Ankle Boots in Black @ Uber
Nylon Outfitters-Boho Denim Shorts in BW Tribal @ Uber
Pixicat-Bohemian Top in Black @ Uber
Yummy-Boho Beaded Earrings in Blue/Yellow Gold @ Uber
Yummy-Boho Beaded Necklace in Blue/Yellow Gold @ Uber

Clawtooth-La Bella Donna Prize 4 @ The Arcade

B.C.C.-Emma’s Pie Truck Travel-Honey Butter Pie(Display) @ The Arcade
B.C.C.-Emma’s Pie Truck Travel-Plates C @ The Arcade
B.C.C.-Emma’s Pie Truck Travel-Plates Mini @ The Arcade
B.C.C.-Emma’s Pie Truck Travel-Plates B @ The Arcade
Dust Bunny-Blossoming Flowers @ The Arcade
Dust Bunny-Babybreath Vase @ The Arcade
Dust Bunny-Rose Table in Blue @ The Arcade
Dust Bunny-Delilah Chair in White @ The Arcade
Second Spaces-Cluttered House-Mismatched Plastic Containers @ The Arcade
Tres Blah-Hodgepodge-Cup of Joe @ The Arcade
Tres Blah-Hodgepodge-Morning Start @ The Arcade
Tres Blah-Hodgepodge-Stacked Magazines @ The Arcade
Tres Blah-Hodgepodge-Breakfast Clutter @ The Arcade
Tres Blah-Hodgepodge-Snail Mail @ The Arcade
8f8-Granny’s Winter Cottage-Cupboard (Previous Gacha)
8f8-Granny’s Winter Cottage-Curtain (Previous Gacha)
8f8-Granny’s Winter Cottage-Refrigerator (Previous Gacha)
8f8-Granny’s Winter Cottage-Kitchen Counter (Previous Gacha)
8f8-Granny’s Winter Cottage-Table (Previous Gacha)
HIDEKI-Cup Shelf (Previous Gacha)

If you are looking for a fresh pixel home to complete your spring look, Dust Bunny has you covered with their Lily Cottage or Lily Greenhouse. The Gacha Gods granted me these Rare items and I am forever thankful!
Don’t want to spend all your Lindens trying to get these? Head over to Bella Gacha to buy one of these today at:

Anc-Garden.LadyintheMoon @ The Arcade
Dust Bunny-Lily Cottage-RARE @ The Arcade
Dust Bunny-Lily Greenhouse-RARE @ The Arcade
Dust Bunny-Makeshift Mailbox in Blue @ The Arcade
Dust Bunny-Garden Pump in Pink @ The Arcade
Dust Bunny-Garden Wheelbarrow @ The Arcade

-Gia Swizzle


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