Snow Bunny Magic – Comment to WIN A RARE!

Hopathia Shinobu Gacha 8 Comments

Well I couldnt help myself these little bunnies are absolutely adorable and the fact that they have snow with them is perfect. They are my little buddies on this snowy day.  Though lets be honest we all cant get enough of the cute critters that bring our Second Life to life. If you havent picked them up they are at Gacha Guardians. To see my Original Pose click Here.


Head:CATWA HEAD Magy v3.1

Body:Maitreya Mesh Body

Skin:amara beauty – Esmee @ We <3 RP ~Thank You♥

Hair:[RA] Skadi Hair ~Thank You ♥


Necklace:Dahlia – Starry ~Thank You♥

Piercings:-SU!- Bento Piercing Set 04


Jumper:[Aleutia] Brittany Jumper [email protected] Liaison Collaborative ~Thank You ♥

Shoes:fri. – Courtney Platforms (Charcoal)

On Set

Pose:Serendipity: agnese… (1 mirror)

“Moon_Sha” Frozen [email protected] Gacha Guardians~Thank You♥

“Moon_Sha” Frozen Rabbits [email protected] Gacha Guardians~Thank You♥

“Moon_sha” Frozen Dead [email protected] Gacha Guardians~Thank You♥

“Moon_Sha” Frozen Fallen [email protected] Gacha Guardians~Thank You♥

“Moon_Sha” Frozen [email protected] Gacha Guardians~Thank You♥

“Moon_Sha” Frozen Dead Tree 3 (Only Decor)@ Gacha Guardians~Thank You♥


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  1. James20 Easterwood

    For now it may be the snow bunny but soon the Easter one! Capturing wildlife even if pixelated can be hard work,More so when pixelated as you have to capture them to a standard of making us believe it is real,and here you have done a great job of that.Bunnies in there warrens just peaking out to see what’s going on,as they bump into a naturist waiting for them to begin there day in what they do,The young lady’s expression captivates one of fascination of these charming wild rabbits,and one of surprise to see them come to life in a way maybe she wasn’t expecting.

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