❀ Gimme Gacha Shops Rules & Policies ❀


❀ Shopkeepers are encouraged to offer a wide variety of gachas from all events both new and old.
Gachas only please, no other items are permitted.

❀ All vendor systems/scripts are permitted.
A FREE vendor system is provided for you in the resource kit. This system will allow you to track your sales and verify item delivery. You can use any system/scripts you wish, but we do reccomend the system provided.

Shopkeepers are encouraged to place a shop sign over their door so returning customers can easily locate them and up to two potted plants to help dress up their doorway.
No other outside decor is permitted at this time.

Shopkeepers are encouraged to keep their shops full and their stock periodically refreshed to encourage return visits from Customers.
Neglected shops will be considered abandoned and may be reclaimed.

❀ We ask that shop windows not be blocked or closed off with boards or large items so customers that choose to cam shop have an easy view as they browse.

In order to make browsing and buying easier for customers we ask that all shops be kept neat and organized. 

Shopkeepers are encouraged to place up to 4 random gacha machines in their shops as a fun way for customers to shop. You can set any price on these you wish.

❀ Shopkeepers with a Marketplace store may put up a prim link in their Gimme Gacha shop to their MP store.
We DO NOT however allow the MP links in chat.

We ask that the following items NOT be placed in any shop
– NO items with hover text.
– NO donation or tip jars for any purpose. 

– NO LM givers to other resale locations outside of Gimme Gacha.


❀ Gimme Gacha has a zero tolerance policy for aggressive or threatening behavior towards our vendors/tenants, customers, employees, and company.

❀ Gimme Gacha Shop rentals are to be used for the resale of gacha items only!

❀ Shopkeepers may not add “additional tenants” to their shops. There is a limit of one avatar per store.

❀ Shopkeepers may request extra prims however no shop may have more than 750 prims total. Extra prims will be available on a first come first serve basis.

❀ If you are an original Gacha Creator and would like to setup a shop specifically for your gachas please contact Meeka Sihtu as your brand must be approved before setup and the normal vendor scripts will not work for original gachas, only mystery gachas.


❀ Gimme Gacha Shops does not offer refunds on prepaid time, however we will promptly address and attempt to resolve all issues that may arise.

❀ Shopkeepers will be given a 72 hour grace period when time expires before the rental unit clears and becomes available again.
– When a rental clears all prims placed on the region by the vendor will be automatically returned.
– If the rental is marked as “will not renew” or empty it will not be given the grace period.

❀ If Shopkeepers go over prim limit for more than 24 hours Gimme Gacha staff may return the overage without notification.

❀ If Shopkeepers have items down that violate Gimme Gacha Shop policies the items may be returned without warning.

❀ Shops with multiple or repeat violations of policies will be reclaimed without refund.

❀ Gimme Gacha is not responsible for items lost due to automatic eviction returns, item returns by staff or items lost due to grid issues. Please be sure to thoroughly read all of our policies before placing items. We also recommend checking the Second Life Status Blog to ensure the grid is not having issues before placing “no copy” items.

❀ If Shopkeepers experience issues they are able to submit a support ticket HERE. Support tickets are generally answered within 48 hours.