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Shades Of The Morning

The shade and morning dew of the morning is of great inspiration to me. A new day and new outlook on life is evident on each rising sun. From watering my earthly plant life to airing out linens in the freshness of our earthly air, the crispness and newness of each new day is significant if only we will open our minds to such a thought.

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What Gia is Wearing:

Eaters Coma-Hair 67 @ Shiny Shabby Now!

[sYs]-Chloe Dress in Beige @ Shiny Shabby Now!

[sYs]-CABA Bag in Brown (Hanging on Clothes Line-Left) @ Shiny Shabby Now!

Décor In Photo:

1st Photo:
cinphul // ASBMF [Lace 2] @ Shiny Shabby Now!
cinphul // ASBMF [Washtub] @ Shiny Shabby Now!
cinphul // ASBMF [Lace 3] @ Shiny Shabby Now!
cinphul // ASBMF [Lace 1] @ Shiny Shabby Now!
floorplan-Hanging String Bulbs
Little Branch-Orange Trees @ Shiny Shabby Now!
8f8-Indoor DIY Spring BED-NATURAL ((Previous Event))
8f8-Indoor DIY Spring TREE Box-NATURAL ((Previous Event))
8f8-Indoor DIY Spring BOOKS Box-NATURAL ((Previous Event))
8f8-Indoor DIY Spring SOLO Tin-NATURAL ((Previous Event))

2nd Photo:
Apple Fall-Willow Plates ((AF Gacha))
cinphul // ASBMF [Milk Can 2] @ Shiny Shabby Now!
[PM]Pixel Mode – Dorthy’s Shed @ Shiny Shabby Now!
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Bathtub Planter @ Shiny Shabby Now!
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Terracotta Flowerpot @ Shiny Shabby Now!
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Shabby Door Screen @ Shiny Shabby Now!



  • Tealeanna Mistwood

    These pictures reminds me of the way grass smells after it rains, childhood adventures, and that feeling when you wish the world would stop turning: wanting to keep in that moment forever. It’s eerily beautiful. Fantastic job.

  • Gia Swizzle

    Thank you Tealeanna! I do indeed love the rain and I know the smell you speak of. Although, with all the rain the south has gotten these past months that has flooded our rivers…you would think I would not enjoy it as much now. Rain and childhood adventures is such a great interpretation of this photo! 🙂

  • Ad0riana

    wow, thats the kind of view i`d wanna see out of my windown each morning when i wake up.. is like sits pumping in both energy and freshness…. very nice work!

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