Secret Sale Sundays

Secret Sale Sunday Photo Winners – Week 2

It looks like there are only going to be the same three people who want to do their Secret Sunday Shopping on us!  It’s so simple to enter….just throw on any three items from the current round, take a snap and put it on a NC with credits and drop it in the mailbox and you could win lindens!!! Don’t let them take out week three too!!!

Secret Sunday Photo Contest – (Evil Stacy)

Evil Stacy
Megan Crown from Pohui
Eyeshadow Appeal from Stunner Originals
Scarf “Herdis” from Amataria
Top “Herdis” from Amataria


BatMandy Aftermath
I accidentally deleted the NC with the credits.

Secret Sunday Photo Contest – Uzuri Latour
Uzuri Latour
Eyeshadow High by StunnerOriginals
Sakura Midnight Dress by Faida
Celtic Niche by Tylar’s Treasures


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