Secret Sale Sunday Photo Winners – Week 1

Thank you to the Secret Sale Sundayers who entered our photo comp.  There were only four entries, so I declare all four are winners!!! See how easy it is to win?  Just shop and show us how you use your fabulous new goodies.  You don’t have to be a photoshop expert, just an enthusiastic shopper!  Hopefully we see more entries in week two!

Secret Sunday Photo Contest – Evil Stacy

Evil Stacy
Lip Gloss Slobbery from Stunner Originals
Concordia Makeup from Zibska
Curtia Black from Mistique

Secret Sunday Photo Contest – MaitreRich Resident

Sangai Armbands Blood from Jangka
Sangai Legbands Blood from Jangka
Sangai Top + Loincloth Blood from Jangka
Concordia Makeup from Zibska
Bento Nails Mesh Square Serpent from Stunner Originals

Secret Sunday Photo Contest – Uzuri Latour

Uzuri Latour
Albeit Daybed from Dreamland Designs
Young Linden Trees from Yugen
Mew Tattoo from Juna Artistic Tattoos

Secret Sunday Sale – BatMandy Aftermath
BatMandy Aftermath
Lucy Dress from Evelineinthebox
Becky Headpiece from Zibska
Sofa Vivi Pink , Table Vivi Pink , Side Table Vivi Pink from Bloom


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