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Rocker Usagi

Usagi Rocks
What do you get when you put Usagi (Sailor Moon) and JEM (and the Holograms) together?  A bunny pop star that uses a magical wand for some amazing beats to defeat it’s foes while trying to look kawaii all at once!  The punch line got lost some where in there, but I hope the digital rainbow bubbles are popping and being super whimsical.  Hopefully, you feel energized to get through the rest of your day!  Usagi may be known for the power of love, and JEM may also be known for her virtual beauty, but I hope to be known as Demicorn!  The product of keeping things on the bright side!

Bows: *katat0nik* (texture change) Curly Bow *NEW* @ The Kawaii Project
Jewel Pins: Astralia – Moon queen pin 1 + 2 *NEW* @ Whimsical
Hair: Doe: Quinn (solid) – Pastels
Head: .tsg. Mimi Mesh Head Vampy
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Vale~ Blue Hart Eye *NEW* @ The Gacha Garden
Drink: CURELESS [+] MoonAmore Boy Tears *NEW* @ Whimsical
Neckalce: .tsg. Candy Heart Necklace VIP Gift
Vest: CURELESS [+] MoonAmore Sour Candy Patched Vest RARE *NEW* @ Whimsical
Top: paper.arrow slouchy.tank white *NEW* @ Whimsical
Pet: .tsg. Pegasus Huggie
Gloves: Sweet Thing. Derby Girl Gloves – Casual
Staff: Astralia – Moon Queen sceptre (pink) *NEW* @ Whimsical
Shorts: { V I N C U E } Buwny+Set – Sky *NEW* @ The Kawaii Project
Garter: ALTAIR* magica garter

(Backdrop) .tsg. Hoshi Crystal Compact
(Heart) .tsg. PrismPower Ring – *ChibiMoonxGold*


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