~Really..?..~Flickr Link: Photo by Ginblosom
Blog Link: Ginblosom – The Art of Second Life

.:Store Mentions:.

Cat Mask, Belt, Whip, Boots, Top, Shorts, Collar.
Bad Cat outfit Gacha for Maitreya by Zephyr.

Lovers Chaise, Round Table, Cup, Plate, Lamp,
Fireplace, Candles Decor, Bicycle Vase Decor,
House Plant Basket, Round Floor Stool, Feather Art,
Tamara’s Cozy Room Gacha by DreamLand Designs.

Available @The Imaginarium June 2019 round


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  • Sigmablues

    lol, if you were a burglar in my house, i wouldn’t have lasers to keep you out…. i’d watch you steal my stuff, and be happy you did hahahah. I love that you did this in the style of a comic book <3 that is a very artistic way to do it 😀

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