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Put Your Foot up and Relax ♥


GachaLand Event, July 1 – 31
1.DD Meriadne Lovers Chaise-Adult Ultra Rare
8..DD Indian Art Frame
3.DD Meriadne Blanket Ladder RARE
11.DD Palm Basket
9.DD Meriadne Indian Wall Rug
14.DD Old Antique Desk
6.DD Meriadne Tassled Rug
GachaLand Event, July 1 – 31
Oubliette- COPY Lux Ottoman & Scarf
GachaLand Event, July 1 – 31
So Silly Tiny Om Zen Statue – ONYX RARE
GachaLand Event, July 1 – 31
22769 – Leatherbag – COMMON
22769 – Bowl Of Strawberries – COMMON
22769 – Bronze Ganesha Figurine – COMMON
22769 – Snakeplant – COMMON

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  • Sigmablues

    This picture makes me think everything is starting to settle down for the night. It’s sunset and beautiful.

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