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Pretty In Pink!

PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINK!!!!!  YES I AM LIVING FOR BIRDY’S LITTLE CHI GACHA SET!!!!  I always enjoy a little pink.  A lot of pink, really.  What’s best about this collection though is the cute setup for my cute wittle puppies!  Yes, I baby talk my pets.  I baby talk to other people as well; please don’t judge me.  Thank goodness I visited this new round of The Chapter Four, where you can play this gacha, because between you and I..our puppies could totally have play dates and we wouldn’t want them to get jealous over who has what.  I would totally even go for a puppy beauty shop or daycare!  Here is a picture of the Gacha; SO CUTE!

(photo by Dani)

Four days after The Chapter Four opened, guess what happened?  No, the apocalypse did not happen and there was no white tie epidemic..I think.  COLLABOR88 OPENED!  I’m so broke after snatching up this cute Pretty in Punk getup from all that was offered.  Many (if not all) designers that are there make gachas, and it’s always great to support your favorites!  For me, I could not say no to about everything there.  On the other hand, Gary, he made a stop to The Men’s Department and looks quite snazzy nowadays.  See?  This post wound up not being absolutely girly after all!  –Pushes Gary out of the Snapshot– Take that!  Girls RULE!  Especially, the ones with cute lap dogs and pink everything.

What I’m wearing:
Wand: .tsg. Moonlight Magic – Cutie Moon Rod Pink RARE @ Mainstore
Backpack: MishMish – Punky Skunk Backpack (not gacha) *NEW* @ C88
Accessories: [Lost Junction] Chaotic Heart Collar & Headband (not gacha) *NEW* @ C88
Hair: .Olive. the Elisa II Hair – Color Fades (not gacha) *NEW* @ The Xiasumi Festival
Bracelet: Schadenfreude Pearl Mori Bracelets (not gacha) *NEW* @ C88
Gloves: Sweet Thing. Derby Girl Gloves – Casual (not gacha)
Jacket: The Secret Store – Nana Cropped Bomber – Blush/Skulls (not gacha) *NEW* @ C88
Dress: [NOIR] Pretty In Punk – Set 2 (not gacha) *NEW* @ C88
Straps: *katat0nik* (all) Bow Wrist Straps (not gacha) *NEW* @ C88
Shoes: Remarkable Oblivion – Helvetica Heels – Blueberry Container (not gacha) *NEW* @ C88

What Gary is wearing (none gacha):
Necklace: [MANDALA] Gyatei-Necklace_Black @ Mainstore
Jacket: ::GB:: Bomber Jacket Line / Btybe *NEW* @ TMD

Trompe Loeil – Alexi Chase Lounge Punk Loaded (not gacha) *NEW* @ C88
{anc} longhairdog . white (not gacha)
llorisen // alms cottage.yellow
Birdy – Little Chi – Bath *NEW* @ TCF
Birdy – Little Chi – Munchies *NEW* @ TCF
Birdy – Little Chi – Wardrobe *NEW* @ TCF
Birdy – Little Chi – Home *NEW* @ TCF
Birdy – Little Chi – Bed *NEW* @ TCF
Birdy – Little Chi – Tin *NEW* @ TCF
Birdy – Little Chi – Sit – Spot Brown RARE *NEW* @ TCF
Alchemy – Doge – French bulldog – Classy RARE @ Mainstore



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