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Set: BananaN – CHIYO GACHA @Imaginarium
Open Event Sept 1th to 30th
Toy: CHIYO GACHA – toy piano white @Imaginarium
Pillow: CHIYO GACHA – sitting pillow cute @Imaginarium
Cabinet: CHIYO GACHA – cabinet cyan @Imaginarium

Thermos: :BoWillow: Cutie Thermos @Imaginarium
Open Event Sept 1th to 30th
:BoWillow: Cutie Thermos – Rezzable – (B) @Imaginarium
:BoWillow: Cutie Thermos – Rezzable – (G) @Imaginarium

Pet: .::KHD::.Companion Flying Bee @Imaginarium
Open Event Sept 1th to 30th
.::KHD::.Companion Flying Bee ( Pink ) @Imaginarium
.::KHD::.Companion Flying Bee ( Honey Yellow ) @Imaginarium
.::KHD::.Companion Flying Bee (Cotten Candy ) @Imaginarium
.::KHD::.Companion Flying Bee ( Tropic Lime ) @Imaginarium

Chest: [V/W] Rainbow’s Chests GACHA @Imaginarium
Open Event Sept 1th to 30th
[V/W] Storage Chest Rose @Imaginarium

Bed: +Half-Deer+ Dreamrose Princess Bed
Sofa: +Half-Deer+ Panda Dango Sofa (no stick)
Curtain: +Half-Deer+ Fairy Curtain



  • SigmaBlues

    Oh man!!! so much fluffy and pink stuff in here. It’s like a girl’s heaven in there hahaha. Those panda poofs are the best part. Awesome job on this room <3 Your lighting from the window is also done very well

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