Official Blogger Requirements

Those selected as official Gimme Gacha Bloggers have certain obligations that must be met each round. Anyone unable to meet those requirements will be unable to blog for us.

  • At least 4 posts prominently featuring  a minimum of 5 items from the current event in each post. Remember these are the minimums and we love over achievers!

  • Every post will need to be added to both the Blogger’s personal website as well as; blog posts should be nearly identical making the double post process simple.

  • Posts on the Blogger’s personal website should include a link back to

  • Posts on should include a link back to the Blogger’s personal website. The Gimme Gacha blog garners over 1 million page views every month and these readers will have direct links to your personal blogs to check out. In addition posts on will be advertised via the .::Gimme Gacha::. group; allowing our official bloggers work to be seen by more than 23,000 active residents

  • All posts should be featured on the Blogger’s personal Flickr and added to the Gimme Gacha Flickr group for maximum exposure.

  • Posts that do not have the right number of items, are missing link backs or have not been put up on will not count towards the 4 posts minimum.
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