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Nothing that an ice cream in the middle of the day🍧🍦


On Bruno 
Hair –lock&tuft – connor
Tattoo – DAPPA – Alek Tattoo[email protected]
Short – flow . Vanz Surf Trunk @ACCESS
[666] Cube Animal@Imaginarium
[ SpotCat ] IceCreame 
[ SpotCat ] IceCreame – #03
.:M.LAW:. Beach Pool
.:M.LAW:. Beach Pool rare
.:M.LAW:.Beach Pool Wood wall
.:M.LAW:. Beach Pool daybed one
JIAN Pool Party Pups :: Chihuahua 
JIAN Pool Party Pups :: Chihuahua 
JIAN Pool Party Pups :: Dachshund 


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  • Sigmablues

    All your little doggos back there are just floating there, waiting for you to get in lol. You are all so adorable 😀 Hearing those waves crash while swimming around would be interesting

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