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We are into a new round of Gacha Garden and per usual I am uber excited! Yes, we all know I have a slight gacha addiction ” I hear my family snorting and saying ” slight?”.. if I could hear an eye roll I am pretty sure I would hear that as well! There are so many amazing things to get your grubby little hands on at this round. So, move your little butt and get down there to try your luck! Ok, enough gabbing and let us get down to the details.

Hair- Charme– Twe12ve Event exclusive. A cute short hairstyle that is available for purchase in several different color tones. The hair is easily resized via an on touch menu.

Outfit- Loki – Pixel Gamer GACHA- Deal With It Glasses, Half HP Necklace, Cloud Pulled Up T-shirt,  White Tank Top, Light blue Jeans Shorts. This is a Maitreya only outfit with 20 different prizes to win. Available @ Gimmie Gacha Production’s Gacha Garden.

Boots- Mosquito’s Way – Megan- Mesh body friendly sizes included as well as a hud that allows for 21 different color options. Additionally, 6 different parts of the boot are able to be re-textured. Available @ Vanity Event. 

Head- GENUS Project – Genus Bento head

Skin- *Spicy* – Chloe- Sunkissed tone- The skin does come with a body applier. However, you need to be sure you have the appropriate omega applier for your body.

Pose- Image Essentials- Take A Seat V2- Comes with 5 poses + mirrors as well as poses in a pose hud. I am using pose # 9- Available @ Ebento event.

Bad Unicorn– F*ck Off Fort – From the Budget Bachelor Gacha Set( RARE) – There are several poses in the fort. Some sleeping, sitting and a few other fun ones to play with. Additionally, the fort is texture change so you can change what the little sign says. You have the choice of no girls, yes girls, yes boys or no boys.

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